Our Story

Welcome to Mission Fishin! My name is Tony Davis and I have 3 wonderful boys with my beautiful wife Alison. When we found out we were pregnant with my youngest son Joshua, I was so excited to have another boy to wrestle with, play ball with, fish with, and do all the fun things dad’s get to do with their boys! Josh was born 11 weeks premature and spent 30 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. At 10 months old he was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, Epilepsy, and Gut Motility Disorder. When the neurologist delivered the news that Josh would never walk, likely never talk, and he would need to have a G-Tube for nutrition, all my excitement to do dad stuff turned to worry, anxiety, doubt, and fear. I was left feeling broken. The next few years were a roller coaster of emotion for our entire family, but I was comforted by Gods promises in His word that Josh would be used to shine His glory. When Josh was 5, I received a call from RJ Boyle that changed our lives and has solidified the way in which God's glory is shown through Josh!

RJ Boyle is a local fisherman and business owner that has had the great privilege to fish all over the world. While sitting in an airport in between trips, he saw a lady with a disability and it reminded him of a disabled childhood friend that had lost his life. It was in this moment that RJ knew that he wanted to give back to people that do not have the types of opportunities that he has had. The next week is when he called. I had no idea how the wheelchair would work on a boat, how Josh would do on the water, etc. My other boys and I would fish every chance we had but we always had to leave Josh at home. The trip went great and Josh loved it! He is at total peace and relaxes like no other time when he is out on the water. I felt like my dreams had come true as I was able to share this experience with my son. Josh’s older brothers and mommy also get to fish with him on these trips and share these experiences as well. Since our inception in 2014 we have done many trips and taken over 100 families fishing or on some type of marine excursion and the reaction from families that get to experience what Josh and I did never gets old!

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of Mission Fishin! Our desire is to continue to provide these experiences for kids and families as well as continue to use Josh and Mission Fishin to shine Gods Glory! These trips have done so much for my family and I truly believe that every family with varying needs should have the same opportunity we did. If you would like more info on going on one of our trips or volunteering please contact us. If you would like to become a partner and donate, please do so here. We thank you very much in advance for helping us continue our mission.

- Tony Davis